Photoshop action scripts

Photoshop action scripts


“STOP Wasting Time and Money Having Your Product Covers Created!
Now You Can Easily Create an Unlimited Amount of Professional Quality Cover Graphics at a Fraction of the Cost!”

New Photoshop Plug-in Technology Makes it Possible to Create Beautiful
Product Covers in Minutes…

Professional looking graphics increase sales. Thats a FACT.

Let me ask you something…

  • Have you ever tried to create your own cover graphics but they just didn’t come out right?
  • Have you ever spent money to have a graphic designer make your product covers for you?
  • Have you had to wait long periods of time for your graphics to be delivered, only to end up needing more edits done and having to wait even longer?

You’re not alone and its definitely not your fault. Until recently if you wanted quality cover graphics you had to rely on an outside graphic designer to do them for you. Well, times have changed….

Quickly and Easily Create Stunning 3 Dimensional Cover
Graphics with Just 2 Clicks of your mouse…

Fully Compatible with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 to the latest versions of CS4 & CS5!

We have a wide collection of Professional Product Covers that you can create!


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