Using some of the latest digital technology we can restore photos and bring them back to life, back to their original state. Some photos even come out better than the original photo!
The process we use to restore old or damaged photos is all digital, this means that your original photo is never really touched or at risk of any further damage as we scan your photo in to the system to make a high resolution image file, then we digitally retouch the image and then make a new print from that image – much like you get prints from your digital camera.

Our service starts at just £15 for a basic clean up of an image, this would generally include:

  • Improve pale and faded images
  • Improve the colour
  • Improve the sharpness
  • hange the tone from colour into Black and White

Our more advanced service includes:

  • Repairing cracks
  • Creases
  • Tears
  • Rebuilding missing pieces
  • Removing and adding people
  • Changing backgrounds
  • Removing objects from within the image

Once the work is complete we show you the completed image for approval, then we can make further adjustments if required before making your print.

Initially we will give you a free quote to do the required work then if you decide to go ahead, it can take from a few minutes to a couple of days to complete for you.
Please either email in your photo to the studio, or bring it in and we;ll see what we can do for you.

As a rough idea of cost, this photo below came in to be repaired:


And This Is what we where able to do with it:


At at a Cost of just £25.

Once an image has been repaired we can either email back the file to you so you can print it out if you need to, or we can make a new print for you at our shop photo print rates:

Single print prices:
6×4 = £1
7×5 = £2
8×6 = £3
10×8 = £4
A4 = £4.50
12×10 = £5
14×11 = £7
16×12 = £8
19×13 ( A3 +) =£9

And we can offer a discount for multiples – just ask!

Please contact us for a free quote – email in you photo to:  info (@) and we’ll get you a price ASAP.