Learn Digital Photography. By Geoff Lawrence

Geoff Lawrence has been a working photographer for over thirty years.
He’s covered a wide variety of subjects from studio photography to fast action sport, weddings and portraits, architecture and so on.
He’s also been writing tutorials on the internet and teaching photography in the classroom since 2004!

“This book represents thirty years of accumulated knowledge” – Geoff

If you ever wanted a low cost, easy to read and informative photography book that needs no sales pitch or hype, just see what Geoff has put together:learn_digital_photography_with_geoff_lawrence

  • over 200 photographs and illustrations
  • packed full of tips
  • packed full of knowledge
  • packed full of explanations
  • packed full of tried and testedmethods for you to use which will improve your photography

From this very helpful book you’ll learn:

  • Choose the right equipment for the job in hand and handle it in a better way
  • Bend the camera to your will when the auto settings let you down
  • Compose pictures in a better, more thoughtful way
  • Handle different lighting situations and turn them to your advantage
  • Understand color and get the colors right in the camera when AWB fails
  • Deal with many different photography situations and come away with top quality photos
  • Improve your photos in Photoshop (or the editor of your choice) with a few simple steps
  • Do some serious editing to produce interesting effects
  • No more will you have to say, “Oh dear, it didn’t come out.”

When I said it a low cost book, I didn’t say how low. sometimes it’s good to keep the best to last! Click Here to see more info about Geoff’s book on his site, and and order options.

At the time of publishing this post, the book was available for less than $20!

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