If you have ever wanted to know How To Take Photos of People, Pets, Babies, Weddings, Landscapes, Seascapes, Waterfalls, Frost, Food, Holidays…… then you’ll be glad your reading this!

“How To Take Photos” is one of my new series of FREE Photo Guides. Full of tips, tutorials, video guides and interviews and tips from photographers around the world helping everybody take great Geoff_Beattiephotos. – And the best part is …… that it is all FREE.
Q. Why and How can it be FREE Geoff ?
A. a. Because while I’m writing, videoing and recording the “How To Take Photos” series , I want to test the content as I get it together, and I want to get your feedback and input too.
A. b. I can do this now for free because when it’s complete it will be nicley packaged up and sold all around the world 🙂 – But you’ll be getting it all free.

So if you are reading this now you can get all the series as it happens! and all for free too with no catch!

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