make money editing photos

Edit images for business?

If you’re in business (or you’ve ever thought of making a business from working with images) then one way you can meke money is by edditing images for people.

You could make an entire business just from changing images, or add to your existing business (that’s how I started back in 1998!)

Below is a link for you to a fantastic site that has video tutorials and 100’s of templates for both professional business and hobby use, i.e., seniors, studio portraits, drapery, studio backdrops and floors, baby, child, teen, family and group indoor backdrops and a great selection of outdoor scenery and themes too They also have a gift and novelty set too. Tthis includes greeting cards, calendars, playing cards, magazine covers,
digital frames and lots more that can be used to create images for other people.

magazine templates

If you thinking that’s great, but I don’t know how to edit images, then don’t worry they also have a great set of step-by-step video tutorials taking you through the entire process of how to edit and use them all with 31 videos to get you producing professional finished images that you can sell.

Or if you’re just into image editing for fun, you’ll have some great templates and how to videos that you can use on friend and family images, great for Christmas and other gift ideas too.

You can find out all about it here:

Once you have the know how for image edditing, then all you need to do is go find your customers!

This can be as easy as posting up on facebook, ebay, twitter or in your local paper with a sample image you’ve already done and a catchy title:

“Transform your photos into great gifts”
“Photo gifts from your photos”
“Best Mum In The World” magazine cover
“Personalised Greating Cards from your photos”
“Custom Calander from your photo”

You get the idea!

This can be something you can do from home, part time to make a little extra money, or you could even develop it into a full time business!


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