3 Steps to the perfect slideshow

1. Choose your photos carefully and be ruthless.

What’s your slide show about? family, business, holidays, celebration?
Once you have a theme or event you want to use, select your favorite photo and video clips and put them into a new folder ” Our Wedding” for example.

Delete some images! you know how boring it can be to sit through your friends photos from the wedding last week, that’s not because you’re not interested, but the repetition of 14 photos of baby Noah eating his first ice cream followed by 16 photos of Uncle John dancing with grandma will exhaust everyone’s attention, regardless how cute they are CUT THEM OUT.

Be ruthless! cut the repetitive photos out, cut out the duplicates and cut out the boring ones.
Keep it to a bare minimum for added impact and to keep the attention of your audience, even if it’s only for your grandparents, remember ” Less is More”. Keep the interesting and fun photos, the silly ones and the important ones, but don’t just put them all in because you have them or think you should keep them in.

Do the same with video clips too.  we’ve all watched the funny videos on youtube that play for 5 min only to have the best bit in the last 15 seconds. You probably don’t need the whole clip, so cut it down and keep it to the best bit, even if its only 10 seconds, that will be a great 10 second clip and not a boring 3 minute clip.



2. Crop your photos.

Most photos have way too much background or foreground in them that leave the main part of the image ( usually a person) looking way too small in the photo. If your photos are of people, then you’ll want to have their faces nice and close up to bring attention to their face and eyes, don’t have them lost in the background, just open your photo in any photo editor and use the CROP tool to chop out unneeded background stuff.


3. Choose your music carefully.

With Animoto you have a great range of music you can have in the background and also on Youtube too.

Test the music. You may not think the music is that good on its own but having it playing along in the background of your photos and videos will bring out a whole new dimension to the finished slideshow.


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