Editing pictures can be simple with the right tools!

Once you have a picture on your computer or phone you can make simple edit’s that will completly transform the picture from an ordenary photo into an Amazing photo without using any complex tools, like layers, masks, slice, dodge, anchor, clone…. etc.

Free mobile photo Apps.

If your using an iphone or android, blackberry or other smart phone you can download free apps to apply great simple effects that will enhance everything about the photo from colour, tone, contrast and lighting. to find the aps, just go to your ap store and search for “photo” or “photo editing”.

You’ll also find some paid apps that will cost from 69p to £4.99 or maybe a little more, but grab the free ones and try them out first before you pay for one. If you do want to buy one, always check the reviews first, look at the sample images and see if it’s going to do what you’re looking for.

Or, if you have a computer you can upload your pictures and use a desktop or online photo editing  program, either free and payed.

Desktop editing.

Once your photos are on your computer you can open them into a photo editing program and work with a whole range of tools to improve them.

Two free editing programs worth looking at are:



These will give you a great range of tools to work with, and get you into editing your pictures.

If you want to acheive something more dramatic, then take a look at Evan Sharboneaus Trick Photography & Special Effects guide for some stunning images


and also the new Learn Photo Editing guide too, for some realy extreme editing techniques like this:

how to edit pictures