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Is bloglovin the best place to find new blogs? Since it’s launch in 2008, bloglovin has grown rapidly with an estimated 8,000,000 followers. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find a great blog to follow on bloglovin from Animals to Zodiac. There are android and apple aps that make finding and following great blogs easily. Follow my blog with Bloglovin Share this:Share on TumblrPocketTweetLike this:Like...

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DPS Landscapes bundle deal for Christmas save 83%

Facebook Digg Pinterest Delicious reddit DPS have put together the ultimate landscape photography bundle! With close to $300 worth of value! This AMAZING package includes our best-selling ebooks: Living Landscapes – how to take captivating photos of the world around you Loving Landscapes – a guide to landscape photography workflow and post-processing See more details and the latest price now at: http://digital-photography-school.com/ Jay & Varina Patel’s workflow series: Waterfalls – capture the beauty of nature to create images that convey a sense of wonder Coastlines – discover how to photograph these dynamic and beautiful scenes Mountains – a walkthrough from...

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What was the first photographic image published on the internet?

This picture of Les Horribles Cernettes was . From left to right: Angela Higney, Michele de Gennaro, Colette Marx-Neilsen, Lynn Veronneau. “Les Horribles Cernettes in 1992” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia. “Back in 1992, after their show at the CERN Hardronic Festival, my colleague Tim Berners-Lee asked me for a few scanned photos of “the CERN girls” to publish them on some sort of information system he had just invented, called the “World Wide Web”. I had only a vague idea of what that was, but I scanned some photos on my Mac and FTPed them...

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Photography books under £5? There are Over 67,000 on Amazon!

Photography books on Amazon for under £5! Amazon is well known as a great place for books of all kinds, but if your interested in photography books either for learning or just general interest you should take a look at Amazon, especially if your looking for a bargain under £5. Photography Books for under £5 on Amazon I just did a quick search and found that there are 67,210 “photography books” listed. You’ll be surprised at just what is available from Architectural to Zimbabwe form some great authors too. Do you have a Kindle? Even better! as a quick...

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[lightroom presets] Spend more time taking photos & less time editing them

Easy-to-use, brilliant quality & exceptional value With this mega pack of 101 Lightroom® presets, enhancing your images will be a breeze! You’ll: Streamline your workflow Discover new creative styles and effects Convert average RAW or JPEG files into truly amazing images Give your photos an instant “pop” And it couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is apply the effect, adjust as desired – and voilà! What could normally take days can be achieved in a matter of minutes…. even seconds. Full instructions are included, too – so you’ll be taken through what to do and how to...

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