Help avoid shaky and blurred photos with 3 quick  tip’s


I kept this sharp by resting my phone on the balcony

I’m going to skip the obvious one of “use a tripod”, although tripods are ideal to help get a pin sharp photo, they are not essential, and,  we don’t all have tripods. Even if we do though, we don’t always have them with us, all the time. Well, at least I don’t as Helen won’t let me 🙂

 Blurred photos are caused by either movment of the subject or movment of the camera


My first tip is to shoot with the fastest shutter speed possible.

If you have a “S” or “SP” mode on your camera this is the “Shutter”, or “Shutter Priority” and enables you to control the shutter speed while the camera sets the other settings automatic according to your chosen shutter speed. So by setting this to the highest number posible will help to keep your shots sharp.


My next tip is use the “Sport Mode” in-camera setting

This is probably one of the more underused settings that can help prevent blurred photos. The “sport mode” option works with all the cameras settings and optimises it ready to capture fast moving objects. this is a good mode to use for children and pets especially when they are running around.


The third tip I wan’t to give you is to “lean” on something.

to keep the sunset shot sharp in the low light of the sunset I rested my phone on the balcony. You can also use a wall, tree, rock, bench, chair… anything will do. If  you can hold your camera and rest your hands on something solid and fixed this will keep your camera much steadier than just by your hands alone.

If you have any other tips to share please leave them in the comments below